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H&S Marketing is a full service marketing agency located in Raleigh NC creating real results for clients in many industries including banking, real estate, automotive, telecommunications and Business to Consumer retail. We strategically align with clients to apply a holistic approach to marketing. Our talented team caters to your needs to help grow your business through social media, cutting edge digital marketing, creative video and exceptional TV and radio campaigns.

Letter from Leigh, owner of H&S Marketing

I named my business after my children because it’s a reminder that I’m in business to make people’s lives better.   I also wanted to create a place and an environment where the best creative professionals and the most experienced advertising minds come and work together like family.

Every time we help a client build their business, I’m reminded what drives me — it’s that feeling of helping people plus the satisfaction that we’ve created incredible results and accomplished the goals set before us. Then, there’s the excitement of seeing our efforts come to life. These are the reasons why I started H&S Marketing.

The H&S Way

Collaboration, evolution, partnership, and growth. That’s the H&S formula for success and our goals for everything that we do. Without these four factors in place, we aren’t giving our clients the results they deserve.


Collaboration is essential in today’s business environment, no matter what industry you’re in. As marketing professionals, we get to know your business so we can create a custom plan that’s uniquely designed for you.


Marketing is completely different than it was five years ago. We understand that we must evolve to thrive. And we do!  We are open to constant disruption of techniques in order to bring our clients the best opportunities.


Positive, mutually-supportive relationships are the forces that drive the best business partnerships. They’re the key to achieving every goal of your business. Let’s go beyond “what is” and see “what can be.”


Our passion is growing your brand, your reputation, your audience, your business.  Bottom line: Experiencing growth is as exciting to us as it is for you!

Our Solutions


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Social Media

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Media Placement

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Promote Your Brand, Sell Products, Grow Your Customer Base

Whatever your marketing goals are, this is where it all starts. Like all great collaborations, it starts with a conversation. Partnerships thrive when channels of communication are clear and open. Get to know us so we can get to know your business. It’s the foundation for great collaboration… a true partnership!